Sunday, May 8, 2011

Random Post-Nicki Minaj

So tonight I was listenin to a couple of new Nicki Minaj songs and watchin the vids for them on Youtube, and as always I was blown away at how HUGE her booty is!! It's seriously pretty amazing if you haven't seen it. But she's still so skinny--not fair, right? well turns out it's fake.. along with her booty implants she received breast implants too. At first I was a little put off, her whole "barbie" slogan took on new meaning to me. As a pretty serious Nicki fan, I was kind of sad that my B.A. rap idol with the mega-booty was not really that at all! (she's still an amazing rapper, til someone proves that wrong I'm gonna keep on lovin her!) Then I started to think about it though, and if I had the money she has... well I might just go for it too. What am I saying, of COURSE I would! We all would, I think. Honestly there is something we all would like to change if we could.. and she looks more gorgeous than ever with the work she's had done, so GO NICKI :)

On an actually related note to my blog, I used my silver shatter tonight over nicole's virtuous violet which looks really cute!! my silver shatter hasn't gotten chunky yet, but I'm seriously concerned that may be an issue with the crackle shades seeing as the black shatter turned into a useless glob after about 5 uses.. I've heard nail polish thinner will take care of that but for the time being I'm just sparingly using the shatters I have! Still no camera batteries, so no pictures yet.. working on it though I promise!

Let me know if you have any opinions on the whole plastic Nicki situation and make sure to check out the song/video super bass, I love it! Her nails are beautiful in it :)

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