Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Acrylic Experimentation

I have recently been interesed in doing my own acrylic nails along with friends of mine who wish to have theirs done. The first time I tried it out wasn't a failure but there was a lot of room for improvement. The most difficult part in my opinion is the area around the cuticle. I'm getting better a shaping it into a natural curve but there is still something I am not doing right  I think. If anyone knows any tricks let me know please! I will post some pictures of what I have done so far with this.

Not terrible but not perfect, either!

Just some cute designs I did for a friend on her acrylics! :) Colors used were Revlon 730 Royal, Sinful Colors Black on Black 103, and Jordana 090 White. The silver stripes were done with the Jordana Pop Art Nail Design in 508 Star Designer. Gems were purchased from Walgreens. Top Coat, Sally Hansen InstaDry.

Another one of the first few attempts! Colors: Sinful colors 949 Nirvana and Sally Hansen InstaDry top coat.

So, yeah! Still working on perfecting this technique but it is really fun so if anyone has any tips or tricks let me know! :)

Keep loving nail polish, 'til next time. :)