Monday, September 5, 2011

Cheetah Print: Free-hand.

So this would be my first attempt at Cheetah Print on my nails, this picture sort of sucks but I've got a couple more! I used Essie Sand Tropez as the base, Street Wear Breathless for the golden parts of the cheetah spots, and I lined them with Jordana Black Mark Pop Art nail design with precision brush. I have been using Sally Hansen's InstaDry top coat in the red bottle, and will never switch to another one again. It's perfect, I highly recommend it! I've since done this design on friends nails in a variety of different colors, one of my favorites being a very hot pink base with the same other colors. Each time I do this I love how it turns out. I got more compliments on these nails than with anything else, including the shatter shades before they were ultra-popular. Almost everyone that saw my nails asked me if I was using the Sally Hansen stick on nail polish strips, and were amazed when I said I did it myself.

I'm sorry but in no way does that look as cool! Or as legit! Nail art that is this simplistic is bound to be boring after it's initial wave of popularity.. (Shatter shades provide a great example of this-- yawn.)
Also, I don't believe that trying to center and align this little piece of nail polish (?) on your nail and make it stick is any easier than having a little patience and doing it the old fashioned way!
I watched this video on Youtube that was pretty easy to follow and gave me the results I was looking for when making my cheetah spots. Cheetah Print Nails

I'll keep testing out different colors of this style and put up pictures but it's pretty much whatever you want to do with it! I haven't found any color combos I didn't really like yet. Questions and comments are appreciated! :)

Until Next time,

This is where I found the insta dry photo.

This link is where I found the salon manicure strip photos.