Sunday, December 9, 2012

Updates! Christmas Nails!

So, I have been slacking big time on this whole blogging situation BUT I am here with some new stuff to share and discuss! I had a vision driving back to school today about Christmas nails and this surprisingly was pretty much exactly what I saw in my head! This never happens, FYI. Usually what I am imagining is some beautiful, elegant, perfect design that when attempted in reality looks completely awful. So I am proud of this one! The colors I used were Jade is the New Black by OPI, Color So Hot It Berns by OPI, and Tribeca Silver No. 292 by NYC. The silver sparkles were used with the Pop Art silver by Jordana mentioned in a previous post. As always, Sally Hansen Insta-Dry top coat! 
Doing my nails like this was also super cool because it renewed my love for Jade is the New Black! It is such a great green for everyday wear because it doesn't feel like it is that four-year old shade of green that clashes with every outfit you could possibly find. It goes on really nicely, two coats is perfect, and it doesn't have a tendency to chip quickly as long as it is applied with care!

So there we are! Christmas Nails :)

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