Sunday, December 9, 2012

Glitter Tips!

This next nail endeavor I have to share is something that I was really into for about two weeks and then slowly meandered my way back to simple colors that went with everyone as these super cute nails, sadly, did not! So here we go! First is for all of the super girly girls that love all things PINK and sparkly! 

Very easy to do, you really don't even have to clean up your french tips because the glitter does a nice job of blending the edges to make it look like you are pro-level: Asian. :) It helps to have a little bit longer nails, although my nails are really not very long they just look like it because I have pretty long nail beds! Super long nails tend to drive me out of my mind, but this length is manageable!

Colors used were Wet N' Wild Dream Poppy for the tips and Love & Beauty in Gold by Forever 21 for the glitter. SH Insta-Dry top coat was used and I recommend 2 coats to smooth everything out!

These nails are not mine, I did this style on a friends nails and they turned out really nice! We used Suzi Loves Cowboys by OPI on her tips with the same gold sparkles used on the post above as well as a gold line over her tips and that was made with an Art Deco design polish in Gold Rush. SH Insta-Dry top coat. Very easy look that everyone loved! 

My boyfriend called these my "Snow Nails!" when I sent him this photo which I think is pretty accurate! I loved the blue and I got a ton of compliments on these nails! So easy and quick! Colors I used included Sinful Colors in Savage for the tips, Starry Silver Glitter by NYC No. 105A, and SH Insta-Dry Top Coat. 

I think that is about all for now, so I hope you enjoy!

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